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Building crooks in g, f and e for a Cor solo Tabard à Lyon


Instruments for sale.


Archive (older articles)

July 2018

Restauration of a german Waldhorn from Wernecke Berlin 1868


April 2018

in collaboration with Isabel Osselaere: development of a new method to restore painted bells.


November 2017

Successful revival: revitalization of a Klappentrompete von Franz Stöhr, Prague around 1830.


July 2017

New! I built a Sauterelle ascendant for a Courtois natural horn.


January 2017

Inspired from an old Raoux-Millereau catalog I built a Sauterell for an original Courtois Neuve Ainé.


November 2016

A very special instrument is leaving my workshop.


April 2016

Gerne empfange ich Sie ab 18. April 2016 in meinem neuen Atelier am Heckenweg 1, 3007 Bern.


Summer 2015

Summer academy 2015, Academy for early music Bruneck/Brunico, Italy. Martin Mürner’s talk: Horns (or brass instruments) in "Viennese Classical Music" - "Insight into the work of a historically aware instrument restorer"


Restoration work


Restoring historical horn/brass instruments requires the combination of a multitude of manufacturing techniques, construction methods and mechanical systems. I believe that these all bring up ethical questions about the work done on the instruments. I like to research the concepts and building styles of the original manufacturers and incorporate them into my work to best conserve the initial historical baggage an instrument carries through times. I also document my work process as closely as possible to show the client every step their instruments go through so they are always aware of the journey the horn is making on the path to being restored. When possible I source materials that correspond to the ones used originally and I personally test all the components for the way they corrode. To stay faithful to old methods of manufacturing I almost exclusively use tools that were already used in the time the instruments were built.




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